Ramses-MoralesMy name is Ramsés Morales. I was born 1970 in Trinidad, Cuba. I graduated in 1996 in graphic arts at Art Academy of Trinidad.

I work as a graphic artist drawing political cartoons and illustrations for the international press.

Since 2000 I used to work as a teacher for cartooning and illustration in the Art Academy of Trinidad during 12 years. Furthermore from 2000 – 2016 I worked as an illustrator  for the Office of Conservation in Trinidad. I used to write and draw comic books for the promotion of the Unesco World heritage of Trinidad. Since February 2016 I am living with my wife in Switzerland and work as a freelancer creator.

It is my pleasure to invite you to have a look on my website with my portfolio. You are also invited to comment the drawings and events on the main page.

More cartoons you will find here:

Creating a cartoon